Privacy policy

Privacy policy:

We have created policies, so we do not have to face troubles if any of the mishaps happen. The privacy policy is an important document of any website that displays how the website owner can tackle your information and how users can make the website's experience better. So, before you start beginning, we request you to read the privacy policy we offer.

1. We may ask you to give your personal information such as your name, phone number, address, email, or maybe some other personal information, too. This is because it helps us reach up to you whenever we have some exciting deals to announce. We can always leave a text to your number to keep you updated. So, feel free to give us your personal information; we keep it safe and secure.

2. We may pass on your personal details to a 3rd party because we have to deliver your products. It is an essential part, and if we do not do this, we will not deliver your products. Here is to identify that we can only pass on your information to any of the courier services we avail of.

3. Accepting cookies is not a fundamental part of our website; you can access our website without accepting cookies, but accepting cookies can be a valuable thing. Accepting cookies can help us to regulate our website to make your experience handy and easy. So, if you accept cookies, it will help you in the long-term and help us maintain your website experience.

4. We only deal with those brands that are verified and loyal ones. However, if any of the products, coupons, or items will not be up to mark, you can not question us in this regard. When you access our website, you accept all the privacy policies or terms and conditions we offer. So, you can not question us.

5. We care for our customers, so we request you to please do not breach any of the rules and laws. If you do so, we may have to delete your account, or maybe you will not be able to access our site. We never want to see our customers go like this; that is why we demand your value and trust. All of the information you give us is safe and secure. Hence, you can trust us and can browse safely at this site. Follow all the rules and enjoy shopping.

6. You need to be above 13 to access this website. We do not allow children to explore this site. One may explore the sea under an adult's supervision. This is our privacy policy that does not allow children to reach our website. So, children are not acceptable.

7. If you encounter any problems while exploring this online marketplace, we are happy to help you. Our team is qualified and certified enough to tackle your problems and hear your queries. You can always count on us for whatever problem you face; we are eager and enthusiastic to serve you well.

8. Moreover, if you find that we are not following any of the rules or laws or breaching your value and trust, you can always question us. We believe in two-way and healthy relationships between customers, so you can always count on us if we cause any trouble. We will be happy to rectify our mistakes because our customers' trust is the most important thing.

So, this is all we have for a privacy policy. We welcome you to this giant and massive online marketplace and wish to find every unit that matches your desires and expectations. Happy shopping.

Team Savingjet.