Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions:

We warmly welcome you to this giant and massive online marketplace where you can buy everything you want and desire. By accessing this website, you are declaring that you are willing to follow all the terms and conditions we offer. Terms and conditions are such agreements that users willingly assign to use or avail of the website's services. So, before you begin shopping, have a look at these terms and conditions.

1. No prior notice

Savingjet has the authenticity to turn, change, alter, diminish any of the terms and conditions without giving any prior notice. So, one thing you can do is to keep checking these terms and keep yourself updated. You can not question us if you find changes in any of the terms and conditions without notice.

2. Limited license

We issue a restricted license to our customers; you can explore and buy anything you want. You are not allowed to download any of the data such as pictures, content, logos. You can not utilize the data of this site for personal or professional use. If you do so, strict action will be taken against you.

3. No framing techniques

We are strict when it comes to the concern for our website. All the data is protected under copyrights and rules, and regulations. So, you can not use any framing techniques to enclose our data. So, one should not use any framing techniques. We respect our customers, and that is why we hope you do not breach any of our concerns.

4. Linked to the third party

While using this website, you may get linked to other sites since we work with many brands, so that you may get linked to other sites. It is better to acknowledge what privacy policy and terms and conditions they offer before you start buying. We will not be responsible for any loss or damage.

5. Right to discontinue

We hold every right to cancel, discontinue, or dismay any of the coucher provided. We can terminate any of the discount codes without issuing any notice. So, you can not question us if any of the cancellations take place.

6. Transactions carefully

We deal with different brands, and they allow distinct paying methods. So, we are informing you to utilize the transactions things carefully. We are not responsible if something causes you money loss. It is you who are responsible for utilizing accurate and careful transactions method to avoid any mishap.

7. No children's access

We do not allow any children to scroll down to this website. One must be 18 to understand all the terms and conditions we provide. Children may use this website under adult supervision or must stay away to avoid any disturbance for the adults.

8. Provide secure information

While signup, you must submit legal and accurate information. This information will be used in the future or provided by the courier party for delivering your goods. So, one must provide safe and accurate information. We will not be responsible if you do not get your products or goods on time.

9. Count on us

You can always count on us, and if you hold any queries, you can always contact us. We have a team that is experienced and qualified to resolve your doubts and answer your questions. We are happy to serve you well and keenly waiting to make your experience better and great.

So, these are the terms and conditions a saving jet offers you. We wish you a happy and easy shopping experience at this giant and massive online marketplace. We hope to see you again here. Happy shopping.

Team saving jet.